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  • Free Flange
    Free Flange

    Loose sleeve flange is a kind of steel parts, commonly used as the connection is the change of materials, the product standard is GB/T 9120-2010. The flanges of loose sleeve are used to cover the flanges on the pipe end with flanges such as flanges and steel rings. The flanges can move on the pipe end. A steel ring or flanging is a sealing surface, and a flange is used to compress them.Thus it can be seen that the loose flange does not contact with the medium because it is blocked by steel ring or flanging.

  • Welded Flange
    Welded Flange

    Flat - welded flange is commonly referred to as plate flange, also called lap - welded flange. The connection between flat welded flanges and pipes is to insert the pipe into the inner hole of the flanges to the proper position before lap welding.

  • High Pressure Flange
    High Pressure Flange

    High pressure flange: used for pipe or equipment connections with pressure over 10MPa. At present, it mainly includes traditional high - pressure flange and high - pressure self - tightening flange. Traditional high pressure flange: is the use of gasket (ellipse gasket, octagon gasket, lens gasket, etc.) of plastic deformation to achieve sealing effect, connection pipe, pipe and pipe connected parts, flange hole, stud makes the flange closely linked.

  • Welding Neck Flange
    Welding Neck Flange

    Welded flange is a pipe fitting, refers to with a neck and a circular tube transition and pipe butt welding flange. Butt welding flange is not easy to deformation, good sealing, wide application, have corresponding rigid and elastic demand and reasonable butt thinning transition, joint good distance away from the joint face the faying surface from welding deformation temperature.

  • Galvanized Flange
    Galvanized Flange

    Galvanized flanges flanges is a kind of good corrosion resistance, can be produced in flange forming rust removal after into the liquid zinc melting around 500 ℃, the zinc layer adhered on the surface of the steel members, which have the purpose of corrosion protection.

  • Large Caliber Flange
    Large Caliber Flange

    Large diameter flange is one of the flange, in mechanical industry, chemical industry, wind power industry, widely used in the water and wastewater industry and the promotion, users get the praise and favor, large diameter flange widely used.The production process is divided into the rolling system and the forging system.Material for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

  • Bearing Inserts Flange
    Bearing Inserts Flange

    Socket flange is a bolted flange connecting one end to the steel tube and the other end. Cover form: Protruding surface (RF), concave convex surface (MFM), tenon groove surface (TG), ring connection surface (RJ)

  • Carbon Steel Flange
    Carbon Steel Flange

    Carbon steel flange, that is, the body material is carbon steel flange plate or end flange connector. The flange containing carbon steel is called carbon steel flange. Common materials are cast carbon steel brand WCB, forging parts A105, or Q235B, A3, 10#, #20 steel, 16 manganese, 45 steel, Q345B, etc. Usually to prevent rusting flange surface has electroplating layer (yellow zinc, white zinc, etc.), or brush anti-rust oil and spray anti-rust paint treatment.

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