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Large Caliber Flange

Large Caliber Flange

Large diameter flange is one of the flange, in mechanical industry, chemical industry, wind power industry.

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Large diameter flange is one of the flange, in mechanical industry, chemical industry, wind power industry, widely used in the water and wastewater industry and the promotion, users get the praise and favor, large diameter flange widely used. The production process is divided into the rolling system and the forging system. Material for carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.


Large diameter flanges are commonly flat - welded flanges and butt - welded flanges. The screw flange has no large diameter. In the actual production and sales, or flat welding products or the proportion of the majority. Flat welding of large diameter flange and butt welding of large diameter flange structure and use of the range is different, can show the characteristics and advantages of also will be different, so when use should be used according to different range, ensure the flange play an important role. Large diameter flat-welded flanges have poor steel properties and are suitable for places where pressure p is less than or equal to 4MPa. Butt - welded flanges are also called high - neck flanges. There are three types of flange sealing surface: planar sealing surface, suitable for low pressure, non-toxic medium occasions; Concave and convex sealing surface, suitable for places with slightly higher pressure; Tenon groove sealing surface, suitable for inflammable, explosive, toxic media and high pressure occasions. Flanged pipe fittings of different properties have good product performance in different fields. They can be used in different places and Spaces and have different effects.


It is commonly coated with anti-rust oil and then wrapped with braid. The smaller ones can also be packed in wooden cases and wooden row. Some extra large flanges with special specifications need to be welded on site.

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