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  • Spiral Chip Conveyor
    Spiral Chip Conveyor

    Spiral chip conveyor is mainly used for conveying granular, powdery, lumpy and coil cuttings cut from metal and non-metal materials in mechanical processing. Purpose: it can be used in CNC lathes, machining centers or other machine tool places with narrow space. Used in combination with other chip removal devices, the chip removal system of different structural types can be formed.

  • Chain Plate Chip Conveyor
    Chain Plate Chip Conveyor

    Chain plate chip conveyor is mainly used to collect and transport all kinds of coil, lump and block chips, as well as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials that cannot be solved by magnetic stripper.

  • Filter Chip Conveyor
    Filter Chip Conveyor

    Scraper width diversification, provides a flexible and effective application of collocation, strong combination of scraper, high strength, cooperate with accurate, stable and quiet, torsion limit set, effectively reduce the damage caused by improper operation. The main material is welded with integral joint, without leakage.

  • Magnetic Chip Conveyor
    Magnetic Chip Conveyor

    Magnetic chip removal machine using strong magnetic fields produced by permanent magnet magnetic, chip adsorbed on the chip removal machine working magnetic board, or in the oil, the emulsion of granular, powder and length of 150 mm or less scrap iron absorption, transport to the designated place of chip or chip set in the box. It can deal with iron chips and non-roll chips in powder, granular form and length less than 100mm, or separate the crumbs in oil and emulsion and transport them to the designated chip removal box.

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