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  • Spinning Head

    Pressure sealing head (cap), also known as plug, cover, pipe cover, sulking head, used to seal the pipeline, the same role as pipe plug, but the cap can be directly spun on the pipe, no other pipe fittings are required. The cap comprises a convex cap, a conical shell, a tapered section, a flat cover and a retainer.

  • Carbon Steel Head

    Carbon steel heads (pipe caps), also known as plugs, caps, pipe caps, bulkheads, are used to close pipelines. They have the same function as pipe plugs, but the caps can be directly screwed on the pipe without other pipe fittings. The cap includes a convex cap, a cone shell, a variable diameter section, a flat cap and a shrinking port design.

  • Flat Head

    Also known as flat head, flat bottom cap, according to the shape is divided into: flat punch head, flat head, tube plate folding flat head, flat head, flat head) is often used in large pressure vessel and pressure piping.

  • Alloy Head

    Alloy caps are one kind of boiler parts in pressure vessels and are usually used at both ends of the pressure vessel. Then there is the end of the pipe for sealing a kind of welded pipe products. There are many forms. The alloy head is an indispensable and important part in the pressure vessel equipment of petrochemical, atomic energy and food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Stainless Steel Head

    Stainless steel head is a kind of used to seal stainless steel tube products. After the end of the pipe or over a period of two on the two ends of the pipe welding head do containers with a product. Similar products are blind flange, pipe cap, plug, etc. Stainless steel head the other way: stainless steel straight edge sealing head, side of barrel screw, elliptical head, dished head, light head, all kinds of size head spin, and the size of the stainless steel head spin while, flat, hemispherical head spinning, spherical sealing the top.

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