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[enterprise objective] to build high-quality products and provide honest services.

[spirit of enterprise] "unite and struggle, love and dedication; Pioneering and innovative, dare for the world."


"Solidarity" is a good development of the basic guiding ideology, through communication, coordination, cooperation, and build a fair and just good business environment, the formation of pulling up and down, moving in tandem.

"Struggle" in the work must be accurate and efficient, at the completion of tasks to be "not a true man unless he comes to the Great Wall" of the heroic feelings, want to have a "don't bend, don't throw in the towel, dry the tears, hold on" heroic, on the set of practical milestones, encourage appropriate leading, against waste turgid.

"Benevolence" people have "human nature", and enterprises are composed of people naturally have human nature. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture? In fact, the "nature" of corporate culture is people-oriented. But what exactly is "people-oriented" and "humanized management", through a complete care system to make employees feel their respect, help and care for, make employees love enterprise, love, love, home inns. Keeping good employees is a valuable asset.

"Dedication" is to protect the interests of every employee in a large extent under certain conditions. The premise is that there is such a "certain condition," which is not inherent. It's created by every employee in the organization. Everyone must work hard to create this condition by contributing their talents and strength to the enterprise, so as to ensure that everyone can enjoy greater benefits.

"Pioneering innovation" is the soul of enterprise development. Through extensive scientific research activities and reasonable Suggestions of employees, the innovation of all employees can be realized. Realize technological innovation and management innovation through modernization, informatization and standardization of management concepts and means. Through extensive exchanges and cooperation with other countries, we will achieve win-win cooperation in new technologies.

"Dare for the world" dare for the world is the source of career success, dare to learn, dare to practice innovation. We should learn and adapt to changes, generate and develop in adaptation, and take the initiative to learn and innovate as a working ability. Any employee of the company has and should have the spirit to dare the world when facing the changeable market and the relationship with others in the same industry.

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