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High Pressure Flange

High Pressure Flange

High-pressure flanges are used to connect pipes or equipment with a pressure exceeding 10MPa.

  • Details

High pressure flange: used for pipe or equipment connections with pressure over 10MPa. At present, it mainly includes traditional high - pressure flange and high - pressure self - tightening flange.

Traditional high pressure flange: is the use of gasket (ellipse gasket, octagon gasket, lens gasket, etc.) of plastic deformation to achieve sealing effect, connection pipe, pipe and pipe connected parts, flange hole, stud makes the flange closely linked.

Product Features:

1. The sealing principle belongs to plastic deformation.

2. Bolted connection.

3. The bolt shall bear the tension, temperature difference stress, bending moment, torque and other external stresses.

4. Large volume, heavy weight and difficult installation and positioning.

5. Unstable sealing performance, especially in severe (high temperature, high pressure, highly toxic medium) conditions, easy to produce leakage, causing serious consequences.

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