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  • Screw Guard
    Screw Guard

    The silk bar guard is a kind of protective cover, also called the silk bar guard. It can effectively protect the parts such as the screw, the light bar, the shaft, the column and so on from the dust and other special pollution and damage, can do with the component extension or compression movement, vertical or horizontal use.

  • Curtain Shield
    Curtain Shield

    Curtain type protective cover also called flat curtain protective cover, machine tool protective cover, organ protective cover, belong to one of the most common protective cover on machine tool. The utility model relates to a material composed mainly of three - proofing cloth and PVC board, which is made by heat - combination processing. Anti - corrosion, high - temperature and anti - clastic.

  • Steel Shield
    Steel Shield

    The protective cover of steel plate is well sealed, which can prevent iron chip, cooling fluid and accidental accident of tools. Strong and durable, stable operation, low noise and beautiful appearance. The steel plate protective cover is suitable for the rail protection of high-speed moving machine tools, which is stable without vibration noise.

  • Organ Cover
    Organ Cover

    Organ tyoe protective cover also called flexible organ machine tool guide rail protective cover, commonly known as the leather tiger. Is a kind of machine tool protective cover, the shape of the organ shields can be designed according to actual needs in a variety of styles, size can be made according to the actual need, this kind of shield has the advantages of compressed small, long trip.

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