Organ Cover

Organ Cover

Organ tyoe protective cover also called flexible organ machine tool guide rail protective cover, commonly known as the leather tiger.

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Organ tyoe protective cover also called flexible organ machine tool guide rail protective cover, commonly known as the leather tiger. Is a kind of machine tool protective cover, the shape of the organ shields can be designed according to actual needs in a variety of styles, size can be made according to the actual need, this kind of shield has the advantages of compressed small, long trip.

The shape of

Five shapes: monotype, 7 type, door type, square, circle.

Product features

1. This kind of protective cover has the characteristics of not being afraid of foot steps, non-deformation of hard objects, long life, good sealing and light operation, etc.

2. This product USES special materials, coolant resistant, oil resistant and iron scrap resistant.

3. The cover has the advantages of long stroke and small compression.

4. There are no metal parts in the cover, so there is no need to worry about the loose parts when the cover works, causing serious damage to the machine.


Organ protective cover has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, doors and Windows machinery, injection molding machine, manipulator, lifting transport equipment, automatic warehouse, etc.


The products of organ protective cover have the characteristics of strict structure, reasonable structure, no noise, large travel, fast movement and long service life. Widely used in common machine tools, CNC machine tools, hydraulic machinery and other equipment. The operating environment of our organ cover equipment can also be made into steel support frame, wood frame, PVC frame, cold plate frame organ cover and so on. According to the operating environment of the equipment, the internal structure of the organ cover has groove type, roller wheel, nylon slide, slider, tension, spring, nylon shaft.

Special field

The application of laser shield in the fields of medicine, measurement, automatic control and food technology is more and more extensive. These industries require dust shield and non-toxic to food.

Flexible organ type protective cover is more and more widely used on the lifting platform of automobile production assembly line. A few square meters of protective cover can meet its height, smooth operation requirements.

One of its basic components is a PVC skeleton that supports stability in each hinge, which can be closely linked to the external hinge material by different processing methods.

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