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JL50B Tungsten Halide Working Lamp

JL50B Tungsten Halide Working Lamp

JL50B series halogen lamp is an inflatable incandescent lamp filled with partially halogen elements or halogens.

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JL50B series halogen lamp is an inflatable incandescent lamp filled with partially halogen elements or halogens. In ordinary incandescent lamp, the high temperature of filament causes the evaporation of tungsten, and the evaporation of tungsten precipitates on the glass shell, resulting in the phenomenon of the bulb glass shell blackening. In 1959, JL50B series halogen tungsten foam working lamp was invented, which eliminated the black phenomenon by using the principle of halogen tungsten circulation.


In order to keep the halide produced at the lamp wall in the gas phase, the tube wall temperature of JL50B series halogen tungsten bubble working lamp is much higher than that of incandescent lamp. Accordingly, the bubble size of JL50B series halogen tungsten foam working lamps is much smaller, and high temperature resistant quartz glass or hard glass must be used. Because the glass case is small in size and high in strength, the allowable air pressure in the lamp is high. In addition, the working temperature is high, so the working air pressure in the lamp is much higher than that of a normal inflatable bulb. Since in JL50B series halogen tungsten bubble working lamp tungsten evaporation are stronger inhibition, at the same time, tungsten halogen cycle eliminates the bubble shell of black, filament temperature and photosynthetic efficiency can be greatly improved, and the life of the lamp would be extended accordingly.

JL50B series halogen tungsten bubble work mainly high-pressure JL50B series halogen tungsten lamp points bubble work light (can be directly connected to 220 v - 220 v power supply) and low voltage JL50B series halogen tungsten bubble working lamp (transformer) needs to match the corresponding two kinds, low voltage JL50B series halogen tungsten bubble work lamps and lanterns has relatively longer life, safety performance, etc.

Select JL50B series halogen tungsten working lamp tips: color temperature, life, safety and uv insulation.

Halogen lamps are tungsten lamps filled with halogen elements such as bromine, iodine or halide, called halogen lamps or JL50B series halogen tungsten foam working lamps. It is a new generation of incandescent lamps.

In order to improve the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp, the temperature of tungsten wire must be increased.

The halogen element or halogen is filled into incandescent lamp, and the blackening phenomenon of bulb can be eliminated by using halogen tungsten circulation principle. That's where halogen lamps come from.

But in order to ensure the normal of tungsten halogen cycle, must greatly reduce glass shell size, in order to improve the glass shell temperature (general requirements of iodine tungsten lamp glass shell temperature is 250-600 ℃, the bromine tungsten lamp glass shell temperature is 200-1100 ℃), make the tungsten halogen in the lamp in the gaseous state. Therefore, the glass case of halogen lamp must use quartz glass with high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength.

The structure has two - end straight pipe, one - end cylinder and reflection. Because of the use of quartz glass as a glass case, halogen lamp is often called quartz lamp. The reflector halogen lamp is often called the reflector cup lamp because of its reflector cup.

JL50B series halogen tungsten foam working lamps have power of 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 60W, 70W, 100W, 150W, 200W and 250W. The operating voltage is 6V, 12V, 24V, 28V, 110V and 220V. The lamp holder has screw type (E10, E11, E14, etc.), insert type (GU5.3, GX5.3, GY6.35, GZ4 and G8, etc.) and direct derivation type. The cup lamp also has the front cover and does not have the front cover. The diameter of the cup mouth is 25mm (MR8), 35mm (MR11) and 50mm (MR16). Angle 8 °, 10 ° and 12 °, 20 °, 24 °, 30 °, 36 °, 40 ° and 60 °, etc.

The principle of


The process of halogen tungsten circulation is as follows: at the appropriate temperature, the tungsten vaporized from the filament reacts with the halogen material in the bubble wall area to form volatile halogen tungsten compounds. Due to the bubble wall temperature is high enough (250 ℃), halogen tungsten compounds in the gas phase, when halogen tungsten compounds to spread to the hot filament and differentiation for tungsten halogen and the surrounding area. The tungsten released returns to the filament, and the halogen continues to participate in the cycle.

Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine all sorts of halogens can produce the regeneration cycle of tungsten. They cycle reaction is the main difference between the required temperature and with other substances in the lamp of the different degree of a large number of production of bromine tungsten lamp and halogen lamp, also part of some light using chlorine as recycling agent.


All incandescent lamp luminous principle is using the hot objects light-emitting principle and the principle of thermal radiation and implementation, the simplest of incandescent lamp is for filament, conduction enough current to incandescent filament fever, will emit light, but this kind of incandescent lamp life would be quite short.

We see the incandescent lamp was adopted the following a variety of technologies, the purpose is to make the incandescent lamp with a longer life and more convenient to use: vacuum glass tube (reduce filament oxide), light feet (facilitate you insert the light bulb in the lamp holder), fill inert gas (reducing filament at high temperature oxidation degree) and so on.

Incandescent light bulbs, halogen bulbs and the difference between a bit, is halogen lamp glass shell filled with some of the halogen element (usually of iodine or bromine) gas, its working principle is: when the hot filament, tungsten atoms are moving in the direction of the glass wall after evaporation, when close to the glass wall, tungsten vapour is cooled to about 800 ℃ and halogen atoms together, form a tungsten halogen tungsten (iodine tungsten or bromide). Tungsten halogen continues to move up to the central tube, is back by oxidation of filament, because halogenate tungsten is a very unstable compounds, again after the encounter heat into steam and tungsten halogen, tungsten and deposited on the filament, make up for the evaporated parts. Through the recycling process, the service life of heater not only got significantly longer (is almost four times that of incandescent lamp), at the same time because of the filament can work at higher temperatures, resulting in a higher brightness, higher color moderate higher luminous efficiency.

The characteristics of

Halogen lamps have always kept pace with The Times. Their light is strong and "cold", that is to say halogen lamps emit light intensity far higher than incandescent bulbs, can make an object's color more dazzling.

The halogen lamp is particularly attractive because it gives the surface a more vibrant color and gives an attractive flicker effect. Because the volume of the lamp is very small and exquisite and the variety specification is complete, there are many kinds of angles from narrow to wide for choice, providing a large creative space for professional lighting design. Halogen lamps are especially bright from an economic point of view. Incandescent bulbs, for example, require 75 watts of power to reach 960 lumens of light, while halogen bulbs require only about 50 watts.

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